Cloud & Connectivity


1. Main grid

Utility transmission and distribution grid which links bulk central power generation and load centers.

Microgrid technology can be applied to weak grids making the network more robust.

2. Microgrid

Low voltage distributed energy resources and loads that can be operated in a controlled and coordinated way either connected to the main power network or in islanded mode.

Drivers are:
renewables integration, power resiliency and flexibility.

Panel Builders and OEMs
Emax 2 reduces switchboard footprint thanks to material and space saving up to 30%.
Package selling model guarantees modularity and flexibility in each project.

Design Institute
Emax 2 protects 100% loads and generators in on/off grid conditions thanks to its built-in complete set protections.
One single product ensures access to energy monitoring and advanced functionalities.

End User
Emax 2 optimizes conventional and renewable power sources with energy storage systems ensuring reduction of CO 2 emissions.
Power management reduces electricity peak and cost up to 20%.